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Example descriptions. Other services possible upon request.

Global economic and strategy consulting


  • Business implications of global economic, technology, and policy trends

  • Market dynamics

  • Technology disruption

  • Foreign competitor assessment

  • Corporate SWOT analysis

  • Global positioning audit

  • Organizational fit-for-purpose review


  • Policy implications of global economic, technology, and business trends

  • Directions in international trade and foreign direct investment

  • Comparative economic policy and regulatory benchmarking

  • "Smart economy" and innovation infrastructure assessment

Institutional investment advisory (especially inbound to US; outbound to Asia or Europe)

Buy side

  • Macro economic analysis

  • Geopolitical risk

  • Policy and regulatory trends

  • Market assessment

  • Channel checks

  • Investment target due diligence

Sell side

  • Roadshow economic analysis and presentation

  • Financial analytics and editing to support investor relations activities (press releases, investor calls) 

  • Media relations

Speaking, training, education fully available online

Public, semi-public


  • Keynote presentations

  • Conference MC

  • Panel moderation

  • Executive education

  • University coursework (undergraduate and master's)

  • Public debate

  • Presentations possible in English, Chinese, and Japanese

Private venues

  • Internal global market planning sessions

  • Briefings for visiting senior executives

  • Corporate offsites

  • Strategy and tactics brainstorming for foreign negotiations 

  • Foreign business culture preparation (eg, prior to foreign travel, personnel deployment, or mergers) 

Clients (partial listing)
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