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Reports and books authored, principally authored, or translated by Robert Koepp.


Geopolitical shifts from Covid-19

Geopolitical shifts from Covid-19 border

Coronavirus disease 2019 has shocked the global system in ways unlike any disruption in modern memory, generating unprecedented government responses. What does this mean geopolitically? Eschewing standard frameworks, this report focuses on China, the US, and South Korea to analyze differing strategies and relate these to long-term geopolitical trends impacting nations, markets, and technologies. 

Learning from disruption: Lessons from and for Asia

Koepp %22Learning from disruption%22 Eng

This report examines technology-based disruption occurring across three representative sectors in Asia: energy, mobility, and finance. Highlights from a panel discussion with organizational leaders representing a wide range of industries add real-world perspective on how disruptive powers can be positively harnessed towards improved social outcomes and quality of life for the people of Asia. 


Betting on China: Chinese Stocks, American Stock Markets, and the Wagers on a New Dynamic in Global Capitalism

Betting on China cover border.jpg

ISBN: 978-1-1180-8714-5
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: June 2012

Versions: Hardcover, E-book

Length: 256 pages


Available from:

Betting on China differs from other treatments of China by suggesting a new prism through which to view key aspects of the nation’s rise, present-day workings, and future prospects in the global economy: stocks. More specifically, the stocks of China-operating companies that are listed on the major U.S. stock markets of NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

The world’s ongoing bet on China’s reemergence as a major world economy finds a unique and influential transaction point in the American equity marketplace. The World Beyond China has been betting on China, and betting big. Because of the sheer size of these wagers—the money, resources, talent, planning, and ambitions at stake—getting China in a way that is both meaningful and practically useful has become more important than ever before.

Learning from disruption, Chinese edition

Koepp %22Learning from disruption%22 Chn

《从颠覆中学习:亚洲的经验和教训》 是一篇活动总结报告,回顾了《经济学人》企业网络组织在香港举办的高管早餐论坛的演讲和小组讨论内容。本报告聚焦亚洲三大代表性行业——能源、移动性和金融领域中基于技术的颠覆。核心目标是探索如何不仅使利益相关者和企业管理者从颠覆的力量中受益,并通过积极利用这些力量获取更好的社会效益、改善亚洲人民的生活质量。 

Asia Business Outlook Survey

Koepp %22Asia Business Outlook%22 2019 i

Analyzes findings from The Economist Corporate Network’s latest Asia Business Outlook Survey. Survey respondents

are active throughout Greater China, India, Japan, South Korea, South-east Asia, Australia, and New Zealand with scopes of business spanning 15 industries. All survey respondents are based inside Asia and understand the area from direct experience.

Betting on China, Chinese edition

Betting on China cover Chn border.jpg


书号: 978-7-212-06518-8
出版: 时代出版传媒

版次: 2013年7月

装帧: 平装
页数: 245页


Available from:


  • 最具互动力

  • 透明度最高

  • 信息最丰富

  • 最促使新兴行业

  • 最善于中国走出去

  • 企业案例最引起国际争论


  • 300多家中概股企业

  • 20多年的交易历史

  • 接近万亿美元的综合市值​


Digital Asia: Asia's digitally transforming economies 

Koepp %22Digital Asia%22 image.jpg

Asia, the fastest growing region in the global economy, also stands out for its embrace and development of digital economics. Asia is already home to over half of the world’s online population. Yet the internet penetration rate of its largest economy, China, is under 60% and for India under 40%. These and numerous other findings point to the tremendous near- and long-term potential of Asia's digitally transforming economies.

China gets its game on: The emerging power of China’s sports and fitness industry 

Koepp %22China gets its game on%22 Eng i

Provides useful, thought-provoking data, commentary, and analyses on the scale and potential of athletics and physically activity in the world’s second-largest economy. The report looks at how the nation's population is adjusting to demographic changes and levels of increasing personal wealth through increasing demand for clothing and footwear, health, and leisure and education sectors. 

China gets its game on, Chinese edition

Koepp %22China gets its game on%22 Chn.j

《中国开赛:崛起中的中国体育健身产业》旨在就中国这一世界第二大经济体的体育健身市场规模 、发表引人深思的评论和分析。在中国社会老龄化的过程中,民众的富裕程度也会上升。国内众多产业都在经历一个“高端化”转型。就国内运动服装市场而言,消费者将更看重突出的产品差异化和功能性。我们预测中国服装鞋类、保健、休闲和教育产业未来五年将强劲增长26% 至42%。

"One Belt One Road": An economic roadmap

Koepp et al %22One Belt One Road%22.jpg

Guides the reader on a journey across select economic topography of China's signature foreign economic program, the Belt-Road Initiative. The report covers seven global regions and details the economic, political, transparency, and infrastructure outlooks along with key risk measures for 44 Belt-Road countries, providing both top-down and bottom-up assessments on the initiative's potential and measurable impacts.

George Soros: An Illustrated Biography of the World's Most Powerful Investor 

George Soros cover.jpg

ISBN: 978-0-470-82180-0

Author: Kaoru Kurotani

Translator: Robert Koepp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication: March 2006

Version: Softcover 

Length: 120 Pages

Available from:

George Soros, is one of the most acclaimed and feared figures in the investment world. Famous for his role in breaking the Bank of England, he is also known for his outspoken criticism of distinguished politicians. Soros has earned his respect not only from his investment coups but also for his charitable activities and for encouraging pro-democracy movements around the world. This book explores the life of a man who has had an undue influence on world-wide currency markets. His dramatic life story will attract a wide range of readers, even those who are not familiar with the world of investment and finance.

Clusters of Creativity: Enduring Lessons on Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Silicon Valley and Europe’s Silicon Fen

Clusters of Creativity cover.jpg

ISBN: 978-0-470-85566-9 

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Versions: Hardcover, E-book

Publication: April 2003

Length: 296 Pages

Available from:

Like the subject matter it covers, Clusters of Creativity is innovative and original. It breaks with popular interpretations of Silicon Valley and similar regions, which range from the hyperbolically laudatory to the contemptuously dismissive, and takes a critical, objective look at the lessons that these locations provide about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Readable, yet rigorous in its analyses, the book provides a practical and balanced set of perspectives on how the powers of business creativity are fostered and sustained. It focuses not so much on the generations of high technologies but on the motivations and strategies of business leaders who turn revolutionary innovations into commercial realities. Clusters of Creativity demystifies the many enigmas that surround two leading capitals of the modern global economy, providing insights on managing innovation and entrepreneurship that are both eye-opening and broadly applicable to all organizations and industries. The book challenges assumptions, dispels myths, enlightens, inspires, and generally provokes thought. In an age where technology and hyperbole frequently go hand-in-hand, its well-founded insights are all the more refreshing and important.

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