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Innovation Empire: The origins and modern influence of innovation in China.

An extension of his ongoing analysis on the global economy, specifically in the area of global technology trends, Robert Koepp, the founder of Geoeconomix, is scripting, producing, and hosting a new documentary series about the origins and modern influence of innovation in China, Innovation Empire

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Reappraising Chinese innovation


China has contributed astounding, fundamental inventions that have shaped human history and continue to influence life today. Yet..

Audiences outside of China, especially in the technologically advanced West, often think of China as fundamentally uncreative, thriving today through copycat innovation or outright theft of intellectual property.


Innovation Empire


  • Fills an enormous gap in East-West understanding.

  • Enlightens with factual insights at a crucial time of growing tensions in trade, politics, and cultural exchange, especially between the world’s two largest economic powers: the US and China.

  • Entertains with topics about science and history in an informative yet fun way that crosses audience generations and global markets.

Series episodes

The Innovation Empire series will run across five episodes.

  • Episode 1: The Story of Silk.

  • Episodes 2-3: China’s Four Great Inventions:

    • Episode 2: paper, printing.

    • Episode 3: gunpowder, compass.

  • Episode 4: The Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Episode 5: China’s Breakthrough Public Works: the Great Wall and Grand Canal.

Picture credits: thinglink, Emperor Huizong,

Imagine China

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