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The forces driving a geoeconomic world.​

Today's global economy is not only multipolar, it revolves through the interplay of diverse forces, particularly in the arenas of markets, technology, and geopolitics. Welcome to the world of Geoeconomix...

Founded by Robert Koepp, Geoeconomix is a Los Angeles-based, globally active, digitally accessible platform focused on the intersecting economics of global markets, technology, and geopolitics. We provide services through independent, evidence-based, nondoctrinaire research and analysis. 

Recognizing the interconnected and accretive powers of information, knowledge, and media, Geoeconomix especially considers how aspects of the art and science of these disciplines and communications more broadly can bring about positive, sustainable outcomes for individuals, organizations, and societies in a geoeconomic world. 

Site contents

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Services. How your organization can make use of Geoeconomix to better respond to global challenges, capture opportunities, and drive growth. 

Publications. A sampling of reports and books by the principal of Geoeconomix, Robert Koepp.

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Appearances. Rob's televised and public appearances. 

Robert Koepp. Biographical information on the founder of Geoeconomix. 

Contact. Geoeconomix is based in Los Angeles, California, and active worldwide.

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